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Importance Of God’s Servants

A lot is happening in the contemporary world, which can only be understood if you believe in God as a superior being. Therefore, it is essential to have a better understanding of the bible to take you through the ups and downs of this life. Several servants of God have come up to assist believers all around the world in understanding the bible better and preparing for the second coming of Jesus. Most of them emphasize this with the prophecies from the book of Daniel, where the prophetic second coming of Jesus is written in Chapter twelve. There are also many prophesies about the coming back of the messiah, like in the second book of Timothy and Revelation. Therefore, as believers, we have to read and understand the bible to conquer the trials and temptations of this world and prepare for the coming of Jesus. The book of God states that nobody knows the time or the hour, not even the angels or the son. However, it states the signs and occurrences that will be present in the end days. There will be national calamities where nations shall rise against nations and illnesses that shall strike the world that even scientists will not explain. It is crucial as believers to repent and seek devotion since nobody knows the day or the hour.

Sometimes we might fail to understand the bible and require someone to guide us through. Lucky for us, there are ministers of God that are willing to help us with that. They help with the following. The first one is that they guide us in prayer and see us through our way of establishing a healthy relationship with God. The second one is that these servants of God assist us in interpreting the bible correctly which makes us not misuse the bible by interpreting it in the way that best suits us. Three pastors help us live our lives according to the will of God. Therefore, we make our lives a reflection of what Christ wants us to live and setting up an excellent example for other Christians. Servants of God are hence of crucial importance, especially during this hard coronavirus pandemic times. Finding pastors to talk to is easy and can be contacted at any time without any appointments. They dedicate their lives to serving God and others; hence their service can be trusted and cannot be questioned. During this coronavirus pandemic hard times, these servants of God have come up with ways to continue their vocation by hosting online sermons to reach as many souls as possible. They also schedule online meetings with believers to talk and share the word of God. Spiritual awareness is of utmost importance to them, and hence they slave day and night to help believers all around the world create a personal relationship with God. They do this to prepare believers for the second coming of the son. This is because He is the only way to get through this life and live another eternal life by his side forever and ever.

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