Learning The “Secrets” of

Learning The “Secrets” of

Ways to Increase Real Followers on Your Social Media

Advancement in technology has made the world a global village, they are potential customers all over the world, so digital marketing has evolved in attempt to convert these prospective to real customers, however, there is stiff competition and the major brands are looking to the best marketer on social platforms, one of the main sought marketers are the social media influencers, these influencers have large number of followers and they have the capacity to change the views, opinion and liking of their followers toward a particular product, such influence is the key ingredient of marketing and major brands are willing to pay significant amount of money to use such influencers. The social media influencers leverage on our addiction to social medias, in fact it has been established that there are over 3.8 billion people on social media as of 2020, imagine how many time you browse these app in a day, hoping from one platform to the other, the amount of time you spent online viewing, liking, commenting, and many other things, major company want to tap this moment and sell you their products but you may not trust the brand because you do not know them, so what? There are millions of ways to kill you sorry a cat, they look for an influencer, your role model and sell their brand or products via their influence and when you see the role model you like, comment and the marketing begins. Continue reading this article and learn how to become a social media influencer.

Choose a social medial platform you want to focus on, it can be challenging to manage all major social media platform especially when you are beginning you digital influencing career, start slow and grow slowly as you progress then you can start thinking of other social media platforms.

You need to be posting regularly, determine a time frame for your posting, this make sure your followers get something new all the time, this is important as they will always come back to see what you have posted and they can share and recommend you to their followers otherwise you will lose them if you become inconsistent.

Another important way of gaining followers is to engage them, respond to their questions, ask them to send recommendation s of what they would like you to do, this approach help them feel involved and part of your content, this make them feel like they are part of you and this is how influencing starts, let then fall in love with you, remember when you love someone there is nothing you cannot do, well myself I do not want to remember, this is important in the marketing world and this is what major brand want, you can pick a topic and trend it on the social media platform. Those are some of the ways you can use to gain followers on social media and become an influencer.

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